Upcoming *FREEBIE* … “Cookbook” for Your English Bullies!

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Sample Page from the Collection of 50 of the best English “Bully” Treats from the Best                                                                          English Bulldog Sites!

Yes, I realize that none of this will be “new” information; however, to have a collection right there at your fingertips is a different story or at least it is for me! I decided to explore so many of the most awesome English Bulldog blogs and websites and gather approximately fifty of the best homemade bully treats and snacks that have been collected over the years for this most stubborn but preciously awesome breed! I am about halfway there and I am working fervently to give credit to each source of where, to the best of my knowledge, each recipe originated from or “my source.” I am not a cook, nor a “recipe developer,” if such a connotation exists; therefore, please know ahead of time as I finish this first project that each and every one of the treat/snacks that are enclosed in the collection of fifty or so recipes, the recipe originated from another site, and I will have the site address at the bottom of the recipe! I hope you enjoy this freebie… more information forthcoming… I have included a picture of what you will receive! Enjoy!

Have a great Wednesday!