Just Snoring Like a Baby… Music to My Ears…

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On this lazy Sunday afternoon, I listen intently to the snoring that I hear. Is it the snoring of Alan taking a nap on the couch? No! Is it Drew making strange sounds on the phone with his friends? No! In fact, it’s Ralph, Emmie, Willow, and Sophie who are trying to “out-snore” each other. Many might think this is such an aggravating sound; however, for whatever strange reason, maybe my love for English Bullies, this is simply music to my ears.

I have come to recognize the difference between a restful and snug snore from an “I can’t breathe” very well snore. In fact, most of the time, I run a humidifier just for good measure for my Emmie girl! Not that I’m an expert by any stretch of the imagination; however, I just think all English Bulldogs are going to snore to some degree just because of the way God made them. We all know because of the origin of the breed, they were bred to have flat faces with folds of skin for protection and not to have a protruding snout… henceforth, it makes all of the sense in the world for them to snore. As well, they have short breathing passages, another cause for their snore.

Even the rest of our Bully family, including Jax, Belle, Otis, Oreo, Adele, and Joules who today are in the “Bully Dawg” House all tucked in warm and cozy can be found to all be snoring in unison. It’s always hilarious to gently open the door to the “Bully House” and hear that melancholy sound. When I hear this, I know all is well in my English Bulldog world. 

Remember, as spring approaches right around the corner, that English Bulldogs should never be left in an area where they can’t sleep comfortably and can possibly overheat due to heat or poor ventilation. This can cause the sound of an uncomfortable snore that lets you know everything is not okay and that your English Bully needs some additional attention. 

Obviously, there are a few medical conditions as well that one should check into if the snoring is really loud for days on end; but for the most part, those of us who are a part of the English Bully world love to hear our four-legged family members snoring away… to me, it means my fur baby is happy and that makes me happy!

Have a great Sunday afternoon and may you hear the snores of a happy English Bulldog as well,