Biking and/or Cycling With Your English Bully!

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That face… you know that squishy face that just looks at you as you put on your helmet and head out to get a bit of exercise… what can you do? Yep, you guessed it… time to take your English Bully for a ride. Now, don’t be expecting miracles. There is no possible way that your furbaby can keep up with you!

There are a lot of reasons for why a dog cannot keep up with a bike. However, certain breeds are just not capable of much more than light walking; very small and very large dogs that cannot sun along with a bike; overweight dogs that can only do short bursts of light exercise; older or health compromised dogs. There are lots of reasons, but almost none of them preclude you from including your dog on your bike rides.

Have you ever tried bicycling with your furbaby? Believe me when I tell you that it is so much more than just hoping on one’s bicycle and taking off! But, with a little bit of preparation and planning, you can get hooked not to mention your Bully LOL!

An option for English Bullies, which is great for multiple dogs and larger dogs, is a bike trailer/carrier. There are several trailer options, but the best are the ones designed specifically for carrying dogs. These have built in harness systems to prevent your dog from jumping out, a cover for sheltering your dog during hot or inclement weather, and they usually are built to enclose your dog while leaving the top open for her to put her head out to enjoy the ride. I have a lime green trailer that converts into a stroller as well that our bullies absolutely love!

Here are a few tips for cycling with your English Bully:

1. There are several collars and harnesses on the market specifically made for cycling with dogs. Whatever arrangement you choose, make sure your dog is comfortable and secure.

2. Start with short rides until your furbaby gets comfortable with the pace.

3. If you’re going to use a carrier to ride with your dog, make sure your dog is secure and comfortable. Start the training process by placing the carrier on your living room floor. Teach your dog to jump in the carrier on command, and offer a reward for staying in the carrier. Don’t ride with your dog until he or she is well-trained and enjoys being in the carrier.

4. Be aware of how weather conditions affect your dog. Don’t ride with your dog in conditions that might be too hot for his sensitive paw pads, and make sure you bring water for your dog on warm days or long rides. I can not emphasize this enough especially with English Bulldogs; they get extremely hot extremely fast! Be careful!

5. Give your pet lots of positive encouragement and feedback. Once you’ve mastered the art of cycling together, you’ll always have an enthusiastic riding partner.

I’ve included a link to the trailer that I have — the In-Step Take 2 Double Bicycle Trailer — take a look at this one to provide you with some great ideas! Happy Riding!

Have fun and have a great ride!