About Us

All Things English Bullie — so what’s our story? Hi Everyone! My name is Terri Rhea and “All Things English Bullie” is derive from my unconditional love for English Bulldogs — my extended family. I have been in education for approximately 30 years, and as many, many of you know, it can be a stressful, yet rewarding journey! I have spent my life as a teacher, lead teacher, assistant principal, supervising principal, and director/assistant superintendent! Right now… I know… your asking, “What does this have to do with English Bulldogs?” Well, be patient LOL, it’s coming! Almost fifteen years ago, we bought our first English Bulldog. Life for our family had been torn apart in the blink of an eye… how so? Well, I have four sons, three of which were in high school at the time; however, as my husband and I traveled to church one Wednesday night, we were hit by a teenager, whom we knew well, and flipped several times. My husband was killed instantly, and myself and my youngest son (three at the time) were injured critically. My middle son (at the time was about fifteen) and as days went by asked for an English Bulldog. I believed this was a necessary baby to find for him that it would be a critical piece in healing for him in all that we had lost so fast! Henceforth, our first love for the Bully Nation! His name was “Patch” and he was my fifteen-year-olds saving grace during a very dark time! “Patch” did everything he did, help him heal, and loved him unconditionally, and I am forever grateful for that introduction to the world of English Bulldogs! Now, many years later, I am retired from the day-to-day grind in education. I do consultant work throughout school districts in the state of Mississippi in terms of coaching and mentoring teachers and new administrators. However, one of my other loves, is of course, you’ve guessed it, the world of English Bullies. I am first and foremost a lover of the breed! As well, I am a breeder so from time to time you will see pictures of my English Bully family in some of the listings — just can’t help it! Our English Bully family consists of: Jax, Belle, Ralph (Wreck-It Ralph), Adele, Joules, Sophie, Oreo, Otis, Emmie, and Willow! As you can see, we eat, sleep, and breathe English Bullies! So, because of this — All Things English Bullie — represents the combination of my love for desktop publishing and creating combined with my love of the breed itself and things I know that I enjoy as a breeder, a pet owner, and an addict for the breed! Those of you who own English Bulldogs know exactly what I am referring too — once you have an English Bulldog — you might never own another breed! I hope you enjoy your products as well as any English Bullies that might be a part of your family! I know we do all of ours… not to mention the squishy puppy love we experience every time we have a new litter! Enjoy “All Things English Bullie” Shop!